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Orchard development is on hold.

IRCTHULU: Releasing Open Source

Orchard: I’m on to something.

IRCTHULU in Alpha, Moving back to SURRO

Vox Populi Ouroboros

IRCTHULU has a new home

SILO GROUP: World’s Largest IRC Log Collection Engine

Protected: Why Tadgy’s Plan Failed…Again

So far so good.


SURRO is on hold for Ircthulu Phase II

Examplar is finished, Tenta in Sandpit

The State of Tenta


Protected: The Evolution of the One Man Army

How to Host Your Own RPM Repo

Spec and Design

Protected: Winter is Coming

I am super busy.

Update on IRCTHULU

Protected: Will the real Chris Punches please stand up?

Legacy Packaging

Linux Service State Management (Cont.)`

Linux Package Management and Service State Management, Part II

Linux Package Management and Services Management, Part I

Oh, Moar Stuff to Do

I stopped being busy so I could be busy.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and the MQ Kid


Downtime, My Arrogance, and Python

I’m not Dead, and the RFC You Rode In On

Protected: On Package Management

New Main Driver, and Other Things Only I Care About


Infra, Infra On the Wall

I need a vacation.

Thirty Two

Protected: Resurrección

Protected: Contingencies

Court, the Calmness of Success, and Increased Muscle Definition

Dark Souls III DLC

Behold, for I have Slept

4 hours left.

Holy Shit It’s Over (Maybe)

Moving Weekend

The Eighteen Thousand Dollar Bounty

New Beginnings are For Quitters

People don’t win arguments. Met needs win arguments.

And the Horse Q1 Rode In On, or, Back On Track

A Man and His Car, Or, And the Horse Q1 Rode In On

This Time of Year, Or, The Horse Q1 Rode In On


Terminology: Why EFL might be the desktop lib of choice for Surro

Inspiration is a Summer Thing

New News Hub @ SILO

The Managing of the Public Things

New Linux Distribution



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