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Behold, for I have Slept

I’m Not Wearing Pants

First Sunday with nothing to do around the new house besides slowly unpack the nonessential items.

Damn this feels good.

I’d been kind of overdoing it for the last 18 months or so, sleeping in the home office, pounding away at the projects that will define me in a few years.

Sleep Habits

Last night that changed.  My bedroom in my new place is upstairs across the hall from the home office so I can work late and still go to a very comfortable room for sleep.  It’s one of those therapeutic mattresses (I don’t know how that stuff works).  I just know I feel damned good and rested while I sip my coffee and listen to tunes, getting ready to pound some decent work out.

Serial Signal Converter (Baseball Stadium Gig)

One of my old bosses has a miniproject for me he’s bringing the hardware over for now.  A local baseball stadium needs something that will read signals in one format from the serial port and put it out in another format in another serial port.  Sounds pretty easy.   He’s on his way over with that now.

Update:  It’s loud.  Dammit.

LAN Not Ready

I’ll have to unbox the router because I haven’t set up my LAN.  Not really sure how that’ll work yet as I still refuse to have the 2U rackmounts in the home office due to the noise from the fans.  We’ll see when it gets here.

Update: Fixed.


April 10th is the deadline for that project.  The hardware provider waited too long.

April 7th is also, like, the armageddon of deadlines for all major projects at the work office.

April 4th is court.  Can’t forget that.

Oh, the washer and dryer.

So, this is uber inconvenient.  I was dog tired from  cleaning out the old place yesterday morning so I just slept right through when they arrived with washer and dryer and so they’re coming back out on the 8th.

The Epic Saga of Clean Clothes

Seriously, wtf.

I’ll have to do something about clothes as this has gone on so long that I’m ready for a new load.  Probably going to do the laundry mat thing after picking up a set tonight to just get through the day tomorrow.

If there’s anything I’ve learned how to do over the years since 2008, it’s how to wait for things to come together while nudging things along to converge.

I’m over the hill of the saga of March of 2017.  At this point it’s just waiting for all that win up in the air to land.

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