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This Time of Year, Or, The Horse Q1 Rode In On

I absolutely despise this time of year.

It is always marked with change, and it’s never very good change and it is always all at once.  Q1 is a bitch of a quarter for me, and has been since about 2008.

This year, my lease on my apartment ran up.  Then my car broke down while I was going to view an apartment.  In the middle of the roughest part of a project at the office that I took time away from to go see the apartment.

Took a cab home to figure out options.

Of course my phone is having issues.  Of course I left my laptop at the office because I was coming right back.

My phone doesn’t hold a charge very well and it won’t work with the uber app.

The option is to use a cab in the morning to meet a Friday deadline.  Shit.


Time to be shiny.

Then, moving expenses will be shifted around to accomodate what will probably be a disastrous repair bill.  Of course insurance doesn’t cover it because it wasn’t a collision.  Of course this would happen when I’m halfway through 800 dollar monthly autodrafts for a settlement from last year.

On top of that, I have SAD and severe sleep issues which makes any bs that comes up even harder to deal with as long as it’s cold and weird outside.

I just want it to be May.  Get to May.  I absolutely hate Q1.

I wonder how long my car will be in the shop.  I wonder if this move is going to be okay.  Every day that will go by until I get the car back is going to be a rapid draining of my moving funds.

I need to remember not to be an asshole until May when I am no longer chemically an asshole.

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