The original words of Phanes, tirelessly carved into a slab of "No'".

I am super busy.

Super busy lately.

Balancing work with after-work.

Lots to do at work, lots to do at home.

Need to call the DMV.  They’re up to the same bullshit they tried last year.

I need to renew my plates and pay a fine from not being able to renew my plates on their site (bug?).

As it pertains to ircthulu, I’ve got the listener complete.  It dumps everything to a FIFO that a producer is listening on.  The producer is complete.  The producer pumps to an MQ.  The MQ is set up as well.  From there, a multithreaded consumer pulls from the MQ.

The database is set up and ready to receive data.

The consumer will need to be extended to transform the json payloads from the MQ into a format consumable by the database during pushes to it.  Will be pretty easy with JSON, just deserialize to a json object and populate [an SQL insert statement?] with its values while logging failures.

From there I’ll need to create a restful API that will present data from the database for the UI loader designed in a way to easily extend new types of data to present that is consumable by the UI.

This design will allow the clients, the database, and the UI to all be hosted separately from each other in a massively scalable manner.  Scalability was the pain point for the pilot program.

From there I’ll need to build the UI in parallel to the data tier which is hosted elsewhere.  That’s where most of the work for this project will be, mostly because I’m not a UI person.  Yay angular + bootstrap!

Once the UI is ready for curtains to be lifted, it’s just a matter of getting all the folks who will be running listeners coordinated so that if the client bots are targeted it won’t break the data flow.  Everyone’s on board.

This part is especially important because if, for some reason, someone were to start banning the clients, if I were hosting the clients myself I would potentially face some ramifications with my hosting provider, which I will not risk.

In this model I am simply the provider of a data dumping ground and a publishing point for data that is provided to my system by its users.  I will not be logging which clients are owned by who or keeping a catalog of who the providers are.

Upon my trusty workshop keyboard I code:

The designs my trusty pad hath wrought:


In good company my planning was invested:

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For an untold purpose my world necessitates:

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