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Thirty Two

It’s my 32nd birthday.

9 years ago today I was turning 23.

I was going to say something like “I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since this started”.  But it’s like it was a century ago.

The Petty Chronicles of Chris Punches

a quiet consensus, and shameful truth


It’s bizarre how different I am compared to then.

I was so passionate and full of vigor.  These days, it’s more abstract.

Over the years I got so used to the idea that anything I’d touch, anything I build, anything I want or love, will be smashed by some faceless intervention that I had to evolve my approach and I have to say that’s worked out rather well in the long run.

Then and Now

My skillsets are sharper than they’ve ever been and I have many, many more of them.  I haven’t just sharpened existing skills, I’ve made learning skills a skill, and gotten pretty deep mastery over alot of them.

My career is established.  Back then I was struggling so hard to get a decent job.  Now I decide which jobs I work and I do them well — and people know it.  I’ll never struggle like that again.

Money is nice.  I have some now.  I didn’t know what money even looked like back then.  Yet, still, it’s like some unknown force piles on just as quickly as I increase my pay.  I’m just below a magic number that should break that.

I’m a little more humble.  I was a little arrogant back then.

I’ve made some ideological shifts.

I’m a lot better at dealing with bullshit.

I’m a little fatter.

I’m a little smarter.

This concludes my 9 year report.

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