The original words of Phanes, tirelessly carved into a slab of "No'".

I stopped being busy so I could be busy.

Wow.  What a great vacation.  It’s been, like, forever.

In terms of stuff that would be relevant for this blog, not much.

Well, I did build an interesting little tool for a browser anonymization experiment:

HOWDI – Http Operations With Dynamic Input

Basically is a stripped down rewrite of SlitScan only a little more usable (and maintainable — there were serious design quality issues with SlitScan that I found and wanted to just reimplement almost all of it).  Needs a posix interface though.

How HOWDI works

It fetches proxies from open proxy lists.  It then checks from a random selection of IP address echo services using each proxy in the list with managed concurrency.  It then creates a listener on localhost that routes to each proxy until a side disconnects.  It is tested and working but there’s a pretty gnarly file descriptor leak somewhere in the socket code for the L4 proxy portion.  I’m not entirely sure where yet.  Socket programming is a big gap for me, so I look forward to researching it.

Joined a Gym

I decided on my awesome vacation that I’m spending too much time in front of a screen.  So, I joined one of those super fancy ‘everything in one’ gyms.  Feels like a cross between a Y and a country club.

That first workout was rough.  It’s always the cardio that gets me.  The pool and steam room were a nice change and the building is absolutely gorgeous inside, where the staff are fantastic.  It’s like a hotel.

Migrated this server

I migrated the blog and some various IRC projects over to a new server.  You’ll notice in the URL when you go to it now is a CNAME entry for


Still pecking away on how I want part of process execution to work.  It’s weird with this project so much more time is spent on design than coding.

Ivory Tower

I’ve gone ahead and released Ivory Tower into alpha.  I don’t think I ever announced it.  Ivory Tower is a GTD system for Linux desktop written in GTK and Python.  Feel free to leave pull requests or requests for changes, or file bugs.  A bit rushed but everything is.


Designs still in draft.  I’m not sure how I want deduplication to work yet.

And a bunch of other stuff I probably forgot about.

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