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Court, the Calmness of Success, and Increased Muscle Definition

Oh man, do I feel better.

My stuff is gradually finishing being unpacked.

Went to traffic court.  Got my tickets thrown out because my paperwork game is tight.

Recovered from my aches from all the lifting and found that I’ve gained some muscle and lost some fat.


I was sitting on my new bed unpacking some things and looked out the window and it was awesome.  This place reminds me so much of a little apartment I had in Falmouth when all this was starting out only about 3 times the size of it, no ceiling window, and admittedly alot nicer.

I miss that ceiling window.  It saw beautiful and sad times.

But this new house is great.  Really it is.  I am so glad this worked out.

Outside of the Punches household are new fronts needing attention.  I’ve got a Friday deadline with some flex on it and I’m on call all week so it’s catchup time.  Kind of picked a bad week for me to be on call.

But, at least it wasn’t last week.  Last week was a nightmare.

It’s storming out my little Falmouth-esque window.  It’s always storming or raining in Columbus.

It’s been mostly warm all week.

No washer dryer combo hookup yet still, that’ll be this Saturday.

I think I’ll just enjoy things for a little while.  Meeting with a colleague and friend for a corporate-backed steak dinner tomorrow.

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