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Prepare the Earthquakes

I’m semi-back.

Man, I don’t even know where to start.  So much has happened.

I’m really wiped out from moving.

Car: ’04 Saturn Ion II -> ’15 Dodge Challener SXT+

Major upgrade to a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus.  I’ve wanted a challenger since I was a kid.  It’s got a lot of horses and they’re all angry.  This thing is my chariot.  I, of course, bought a nice leather jacket and some ray bans to match it.  It’s setting me back for sure.


Uhhh oh, I decided to take an FTE role a few months into my contract to create some work/life balance for my personal projects again.

That’s got me starting a week from today.  Unfortunately I’d wrapped up everything I need to do at that contract, so, knowledge transfer complete, the proper salute, and I’m on my way.  That’s got me going almost a full month without income.  Goodbye, savings.  Again.


My lease ran up.  I moved to Dublin.  I wish I had a couple years ago, this part of town is way better than I thought it would be, and this apartment comes with a free gym/spa membership with unlimited access to hot tub, steam room, sauna, various pools, and exercise resources.

I’m actually still moving.  I’m taking my week gap between roles to move slowly so I don’t throw out my back.  I’m too old to be lugging shit up and down stairs.


I’m getting the gears moving slowly again. Most of my research efforts revolve around containerizing everything sustainably.


I’m researching using docker to assist the build process so we’re not so hung up on build host architecture mismatches.  This would also eliminate the need to be root on the build host for many of the steps we’re looking at.  So far it actually seems viable.


I’m going a different direction with it.  Also looking at containerization but we may be using some more powerful tools in the mix.  This may involve a full redesign.


No updates. I just need to start developing on it again.  I used a waterfall process with this one so it’s literally just waiting to be implemented.  No real issues so far besides getting time, which should be better as time goes on now with all the changes.


I’ve gone ahead and created a CI/CD pipeline for all web resources in SURRO and split everything into a PROD and PREPROD.  We don’t need anything more robust than that until we have users.

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