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4 hours left.

I’ve got just four hours left to finish up at my old place.

It feels great.  I almost don’t want to go to the old place because the new place is so much nicer.

Maybe after this pot of coffee is done brewing and I’ve had a cup.

Speaking of coffee.

For the last 3 months I’ve been putting butter in my coffee carafe in the mornings.  I’ve lost 30 pounds and gained muscle mass and haven’t been working out.  #Howboutdat.

I would like very much to be working on SURRO tonight while I drink my odd coffee treat.

But I’ve got 3 hours to deep clean a slum after my coffee.  I genuinely don’t want to go back.  I’m tired and I’ve finally got a chance to rest.

Then, some time between 0800 and 1500 EST my new box springs as well as my new washer and dryer arrive for installation.

If I just keep breathing long enough I’ll eventually get to relax.

Screened a candidate for something today.  Sharp guy.  Screened another one yesterday.  Sharp guy too.  I hope they both do well.

Two people requested a resurrection of HUMOSINT.  I emphatically declined.  I’ve got too much shit to do for like the next two full years unless I drop a project, and I’d have to relearn everything for it to even be competitive.  Although the idea is intriguing as I’d be able to make a much better product now.

But, then I see stuff like this:

There we go proving that we really can’t keep up with an evolving threat landscape.  We’re going to sanction developers instead of holding actual attackers responsible.

In other news, the CIA Marble Framework was released on wikileaks.  Proving to the world that……that….

That the CIA writes shitty code, honestly, and not much more.  I’ve examined it myself and it’s nothing special and not really sinister.

  • Drink coffee and sit on ass for 30-40 minutes.
  • Clean old apartment.
  • Be up early to receive stuff.
  • Surro.

Anyway, leaving this old place is significant for me.  I was really poor for a long time and had to work harder than I’m really capable of now to get out of it.  I wasn’t making much money at the time and needed a place in a hurry and signed away my quality of living for a good 18 months or so while I tried to get settled in.  So, I rented a dirty, shabby apartment with an absolute monster of a landlord.  The place basically crumbled under my feet.

The conditions you live in have a tremendous impact on many other aspects of your perception and your quality of life.  When I enter that apartment I can instantly feel that old memory of poverty and desperation.  It’s like a sinking feeling and it seems like the walls are made out of egg shells.

Never again.

For the TL;DR, I started making decent money a long time before I could actually live like I make decent money so it didn’t feel like I was making traction in life.  It no longer feels that way.

Those student loans, though.  I should get on that.

And, honestly, I need to double my income again in the next 2 years to finally break free of some old chains from Maine.  But I won’t even think about that until June.

I’m slowly decorating the place with new things on the walls and furniture.  It’s coming together.

Surro builds start again on Sunday.  Another candidate screening on Sunday.




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