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IRCTHULU in Alpha, Moving back to SURRO

Felt good to get this one knocked out:

That project took like a year of design in between other projects.  I needed a distraction from surro linux for a bit while I wrapped my head around the complexity of bootstrapping compiler builds.

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow.  The lady and I are going to a fancy place to watch the ball drop.

Speaking of balls dropping, the gym visits have got my test levels up.  Kinda digging the new me.  Or is it the old me?

I can’t tell.

Oh, I got one of those Amazon Echo Dot virtual assistant things for Christmas.  I’ve got it going up in the house and it’s pretty cool how it changes the atmosphere in the house.  It can do a ton of things.

I really want to make it just sound an alarm if one of my servers goes down.

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