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Spec and Design

So, I’m working on some new approaches to some projects I’m trying to get off the ground.

One is for a client and I’m ethically obligated not to disclose in this context.  We’ll call that project X.

The other is Examplar, which has attracted some new potential developers that found me through the SURRO Linux project at a Linux convention in Ohio this year.  I’ve got a little time as everyone that showed interest is still getting adjusted to using IRC for reliable communications (it actually takes some time if you’re not used to it).

Since we use IRC exclusively for comms, I’m able to be ready for when they’re able to code in advance.  They’re going to want formal spec and design documents, which I respect and agree with.  Simply having them may even attract yet more devs, so, I need to get off my ass with Examplar.

From there I have got shitloads of additional reading to do.  Namely, a revisit of the puppetlab’s training VM from last year that I abandoned took a hiatus from due to frustration over puppetlab’s tendency to rename already existing concepts.

Meanwhile I’m waiting on news for a C developer role that might actually get me the deep exposure I could only find from having to work an FTE role elbow deep in C and only C and it certainly could be my next gig if they’re into me.  Time will tell.

Oh, found out about the plates thing — its just a fine and a fee for renewal.  They dropped the insurance charge because I found the backup paperwork that didn’t get stolen during the repeated break-ins this year (jesus) since they were kept in the house.

They did get my laptop though since it was in the back of the car this last time.  No comment.

And, of course, being on call is this week.

I’ve got too much shit to do at the same time this year and I’ll probably need to cut a project loose so I can focus on the things I like doing.

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