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Orchard development is on hold.

The pistache documentation site is down (again), so, I won’t be working on orchard for a bit until it’s back up.  This should give me an opportunity to:

Fix the new Antikythera theme:

  • As a user I’d like a layered transparency background option with multiple images as a new feature.
  • As a content author I’d like the preformatted text to be contained in the “paper” dimensions with a horizontal scrollbar.
  • As a content author I’d like the page views to have the same background options as a post view.
  • As a content author I’d like the block indentations to be visible again.
  • As a content author I’d like the bullet lists to appear again.

Do some work on Foster:

  • Fix the death-bug.
  • Fix the cross-compiler issue and get a chrootable environment again.
  • Create a better SDLC

Clean up content on what is now various blogs to make it easier to track how these projects all fit together.

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