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Linux Service State Management (Cont.)`

Moar diagrams

This time covering service state control patterns:

So from here I’ll need to create an outline, and then condense everything into brief, concise writeups that fit into their appropriate sections.

As for service controller antipatterns, I just don’t have alot of those besides what was already covered.

It’s going to be difficult to justify the reasons why in these, so, I’ve got a good couple of days more work ahead of me.

Update:  These need a change — variant A and B for established control patterns needs updated to reflect that it requires a root setup for enabling user services but does not require root or sudoer to actually consume.

Speaking of Work

In other news, I’ve hurt myself at the gym.  I have some DOMS after hitting curls too hard too early and can’t fully extend my arms.  I’m basically a whiny T-Rex until it’s healed up.  I had to actually call in and sleep for a good day and a half.

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