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IRCThulu is today.

There’s going to be alot of fallout.

Expected Kline

The freenode network is mostly impacted by this.  These are not people who negotiate.  I’m expecting that.

First, the Freenode network is going to kline all of my resources from the network not realizing that there are 3rd parties running the runners who do the logging and that it’s not up to me which channels they log.

Second, this will be the demarc for active development for IRCThulu allowing some time for it to burn in with changes here and there.


From there I’ll be able to focus solely on SURRO while enacting the much needed sanctions that IRCThulu provides.

We’ll need to get that mailing list set up.

GitLab has become too resource intensive.  The server just wants too many resources for what it’s actually doing.  I’ll be looking at transitioning our repos to a more efficient system.

As for IRC presence, SURRO will still have one, and I will still be on the freenode network, I’ll just be doing alot of host-hopping in between repeated klines.  It’s unfortunate that this level of upset needs to be created to get such serious issues addressed properly.

The answer is, ultimately, to turn the list of bans in #surro-linux into a kline entry list, and, this is a permanent new age of accountability in these communities.

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