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Time to Rest

I was in 21 cities in August of 2018.

Twenty-One cities.  I drove for 60 hours that month.

It’s labor day weekend, so, 3 day weekend, and it occurred to me that I’ve been moving almost non-stop with very little rest or time to process the last month since Dad died. I haven’t even had time to unbox his ashes, yet.

As soon as I got back, it turned out the project I was working on didn’t have  a revised timeline for the two weeks I was in New Hampshire navigating the post-death arrangements, so, as soon as I was back, it was time for the long haul that has literally defined every waking moment of the last 9 years of my life.

I’ve never taken a vacation.

I took a smaller role to move out of contract consulting to make more time for my personal projects and here I was again, in that same mode I had been trying to get out of.  It was just circumstance, I mean hot projects happen, it was just bad timing.

That, and, I need to process this.

Maybe it’s time to go on that vacation.

Labor day weekend has been great.  Spent some time with the new pooch.  Read up on building embedded Linux systems, hoping some of it would rub off on the Surro/Foster effort.

Lots of espresso.  And unpacking.  And cleaning.  Finally.

I need like two more weeks of this.

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