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Examplar is finished, Tenta in Sandpit

Man have I been busy since my last post.

I got the C++ rewrite of Tenta semi-functional and then hit a roadblock that would require a rewrite of the entire IRC event layer to really interface with NERVE the way I wanted it to.

So, naturally I shelved it because when I hit a roadblock like that staring at it longer won’t fix it.  Network programming sucks because of how optimized it needs to be, and I’m more of a prototyper.  The python version is still far superior but that’s just because the network layer is wrapped up very well in python.

In the meantime I brought Examplar not just to Alpha release status but through it and into Beta.  We’re on version 1.5b now and it’s looking really good.

Good enough to call it stable at this point, but, I want to hold off until it generates a bootable ISO on Milestone 2 for Foster (The SURRO Installer Image).  I have no doubt that as we get into the thralls of building a Linux distro that we’ll want to make some changes or optimizations that will make the first stable release that much better.

Been hitting the gym pretty good.

Putting Tenta on hold for a while to recover from the Examplar frenzy of the last week or so, and in the meantime I’ll pick away at some theme tweaking for the blogs and news feed.  Really need to get that linux blog at silogroup on this CNAME and this one moved over to silogroup though, the SILO/SURRO split was kind of half baked.

It’s been pretty peachy.  Getting my half-mile jog time down and am considering adopting a puppy if the landlord will allow it.

I’m unsure of what direction I want to take the new blog themes.  I really like having a bland appearance on the SURRO blog and absolutely must keep the “Phanes as Solaire screaming into a microphone over a nuclear cloud” theme.  Maybe I’ll just clean it up a bit.

I’m taking a break from projects for a few days and just having fun.  I don’t do that enough.

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