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New Beginnings are For Quitters

Come onnn, April.

Finally got a couple quiet days around the old apartment.  Can’t wait to get into the new house.

The move seems to be back on track.

TODO: I need to find some movers that won’t charge me a fortune because my back can’t do some of that furniture up stairs.  I know my limit.  Plus, it’s cold.  I don’t do cold.

TODO: And cleaners.  Old landlord is difficult and sue-happy so want to make sure the place is in good shape on moveout.

TODO:  Look at two new desks with whatever is left over.

TODO:  Utilities.  Electric, Cable and Internet,  Gas.

TODO: Do the move.

Surro studies are slow.  I’ll need to wrap up alot of the automation.  I went through a cold test run on a new VM and identified stuff we’re still doing manually.  Work in progress.  I’ve committed to rewriting some of it this weekend.

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