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NAS is dead; Long Live NAS

The Secret Project Revealed: TETSUO

DISA STIG Hardening on AlmaLinux 8

You don’t need much sorcery when you have a sword.

The Chains of Conviction

300 Weeks of Self Development

Maine: Moving to A Larger Game

Strategy Shift on SG Portfolio Delivery

Real Wizards use Dyad

The Deafening Silence, and Elbows in Limbo

The Alchemical Nature of a Lie

On The Riddle of Steel

On RHEL’s Decision to Damage the F/OSS Ecosystem

A Snowdrop in Cape Circeo


New Website Coming for Dark Horse Linux

Team Chris is Sleepy, and other Ramblings…

The Next Phase

Dark Horse Linux: Stage 4

Plans for Dark Horse Linux

SURRO Reborn: Dark Horse Linux

Artificial Food

IDM/A Rewrite & Job Stuff

Back to the Basics. Again.

Protected: Why I Won’t Be Targeted

Advent Rex, Foster, and Cocktail Weiners

Lazy Days


Systems Design Documents and the SAL/M

Feelin’ Fine

I Am The Blocker

Everything has a price.

All SILO Projects Continue Now

Downtime, Moving, Wallets, Dogs and Real Estate

Growth Pivots

Changing Modes

Disaster Recovery

Time to Rest

Prepare the Earthquakes

Takin’ A Break

Orchard development is on hold.

IRCTHULU: Releasing Open Source

Orchard: I’m on to something.

IRCTHULU in Alpha, Moving back to SURRO

Vox Populi Ouroboros

IRCTHULU has a new home

SILO GROUP: World’s Largest IRC Log Collection Engine

Protected: Why Tadgy’s Plan Failed…Again

So far so good.


SURRO is on hold for Ircthulu Phase II

Examplar is finished, Tenta in Sandpit

The State of Tenta


Protected: The Evolution of the One Man Army

How to Host Your Own RPM Repo

Spec and Design

Protected: Winter is Coming


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