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It’s always rumbly.

So, since my last post, I broke my arm moving into my new place in Cincinnati.

Then recovered. Well, mostly. I’ll never be able to fully extend my elbow again, where most of the damage was.

I’m burned out on contracting. It makes mundane things scary and it’s never felt stable. Leaving an FTE role for contractor pay a couple years ago was a mistake.

Foster is still stuck on cross-compiling the rootfs for an x86_64 target during the cross-toolchain generation.

I’ve been experimenting with crosstool-ng to outsource some of the domain problems to their project, but finding that crosstool-ng is just a different thing that has shitty docs, so now I’m using a system with shitty docs to guess at building a toolchain that has shitty docs in a way no one seems to have done before.

Since the docs are literally useless, there are tons of how-to’s. All of them are broken in a different way. Hoping that the gaps are met between all the ones I can find.

I’ve learned a great deal about under the hood of computer operating systems with this project and am thankful for that, but I’d -really- like to get past this piece so I can focus on the distribution itself. I have big plans with this project.

Updated Examplar by a couple versions. Updated Scallywag by a couple versions as well. Examplar now has an identified feature gap: Logging for each task execution is missing and should be handled by it. Unfortunately, implementing logging without breaking curses compatibility is resource-consuming, so, it’ll likely be a few versions before that’s brought in. Did some more design work and prototyping for SAL/M and IDM/A. These two second generation systems are on a completely different level of quality than I’ve previously put out.

In other news, I’m considering paying off the challenger next week. The contract market in central Ohio is about to become flooded with people impacted by layoffs, and I don’t want to take any chances in case I’m hit, too. I’m not expecting anything, I just like to manage my risk. I might instead invest in mREIT backed securities instead and then pull it out and pay off the challenger if anything happens. If nothing does, I get fat dividends. If something does, I keep the car while I adjust course.

What I’d really like to do is find VC and seed SILO Group so I can just work on this stuff full time in a little more polished manner and even hire a couple people.

Hard to build a company around a linux distro. Especially when it’s not in release yet.

Reading up on Azure alot lately. Frankly, I don’t think it has a long term future outside of corporate spaces that invested in it. Comparatively to say, GCP or AWS, or even Linode, it’s an immature platform that doesn’t scale well, its security models are broken, its native services are clumsy. And it’s expensive.

Microsoft did a great job marketing it, though. Bring on Brendan Burns, beef up the kubernetes offerings, publish a couple books, and they can piggyback off of AWS’ success in operationalizing native service offerings for it.

Unfortunately for everyone, there’s too much money behind it for it to completely turn on its side, so it’ll be a gross, unchewable thing plaguing the software space for years to come.

Like Oracle.

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