The original words of Phanes, tirelessly carved into a slab of "No'".

You don’t need much sorcery when you have a sword.

As you climb, I climb. As you rest, I climb. As I rest, I have already climbed.

Due to staffing shortages beyond my control, dayjob has become life consuming to the point that I can no longer even touch any of my projects, or, really do anything but work lately. It’s become unsustainable. It already was.

That will change soon. I am hoping in a positive way, because I was starting to really make some progress on my secret project stock trader.

Growth is good, but there’s a way to do it.

I’m too wiped out, so, I can’t work on anything technical, but, it’s a good day to refresh and work on a journalism project for the open source community I keep going on the backburner. I’m never too tired for truth and justice.

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