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The Deafening Silence, and Elbows in Limbo

The roaring murmor everyone was running with, that’s been churning since last year, some time yesterday around 1700 ET, came to a halt. Suddenly, it was quiet. It’s the kind of quietness that would usually alert us to a network failure where users can’t connect or send email or that kind of thing. Nope, everyone checked out and went home for a four day weekend. It’s a ghost town. It’s so quiet that the quietness is loud.

Thursday and Friday, everyone’s closed for Thanksgiving. All the systems are up. It’s just deafeningly, uncharacteristically quiet. This is a good thing.

I’m on-call for the rotation this year. One alert, and it’s not our issue.

I think maybe I’ll take the time to re-spec on SMQ/S. It’s kind of a foundation component that alot of the other stuff I’m working on depends on. Though, I’m still on the fence about scrapping it entirely and building around rabbitMQ.

On the elbow front, the doctor noticed some improvement in nerve sensation, so, we’re watching it very closely and revisiting at the start of next year. No surgery. Hopefully. Yet. Honestly I’m more concerned that I can no longer exercise since this started, and it’s been months. I got the all-clear to start up again, but I don’t want to risk re-injuring it while it’s healing.

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