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SURRO Reborn: Dark Horse Linux

I’ve done something I think is interesting.

After I finally found time to do a rewrite of Rex to add pty support and fix some bugs, I did a new build of SURRO Linux that, frankly, is much better than it could have ever been in the old setup.

This has been an especially long and hard progress since I initially set out to do it, both technically and politically, so, I wanted a way to give the project a clean slate and start fresh since it looks like it’s actually developing some momentum finally.

SURRO Linux is being rebranded as The Dark Horse Linux Project. The Foster project has been rebranded as Pyrois. I will be slowly dismantling SURRO-branded themes and sites over the next little bit as I transition things over.

I’ve registered the website to serve as the project landing page.

While I’d like to lay some framework for project governance, it’s really just me working on it, so, there’s really no point in that, so, I think I’ll adopt an approach similar to my impression of Patrick Volkerding’s approach with Slackware: If people want to contribute, please do, and suggestions are always welcome.

In fact, I envision much of the starting point of this once it releases to resemble elements of Slackware quite a bit.

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