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Lazy Days

Finished my contract in Cincinnati. Still picking out the next one.

I love this little town I found on the outskirts of Cincinatti called Amelia where I’ve been living this whole time since March.

It’s as burbs as it gets. And in the summer it’s beautiful. Haven’t seen the winter here yet. The people are nice.

My now healed broken arm doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be 100%. It’s still a little weaker than my left arm.

Pandemic is still in full gear.

I’ve been doing alot of sitting on my ass.

I eventually got tired of drinking 300 dollar bottles of whiskey (highly recommend Balvenie Doublewood 17, by the way) and went to Jungle Jim’s, where I found a palette of Cavaliere D’oro Primitivo Puglia at like 5.99/bottle. Brought home a box of 12. It’s not going anywhere.

So, I’ve been drinking Tinto De Verano and watching cartoons for the last two days.

Not bad.

It’s actually really cool to finally have time to do whatever I want, even if it’s just for a little bit.

I hope I’m not getting lazy.

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