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NAS is dead; Long Live NAS

So, I finally got a few days off, and it’s been GLORIOUS.

I’ve started to clean the house. I’m just not going to get the whole place done before work starts up again, but I’m enjoying the endless cortados and getting things inched towards normalcy again. What a grind! I mean, I knew I was whining alot about being tired, but I didn’t realize how long this had gone on. While I’ve got this time to reflect I am seriously re-evaluating my work/life boundaries.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been doing on my little staycation is trying to get my NAS server rebuilt. Unfortunately, the motherboard had some issues and I can’t get the thing to post bios or show a display anymore after a few days of trying different things to get around slow raid performance on a multitude of configurations.

So, I ordered another motherboard.

While that’s waiting I’ve done some reorganizing of the layout of the raid6 that it will be, which will reduce storage capacity to what I estimate to be about 65TB.

That’s still a stupid amount of storage for backups. I’ll be happy when it’s up, because I’ve got alot of stuff to back up waiting for free time to do this and I need to do some rebuilding to get organized for the next few years.

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