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Well, I’m finally where I can take a couple days off and kick back.

I was evaluating where things are from a year ago, and three years ago, and five years ago, and my God, what a few years this has been!

And I am so tired that just sleeping in for a few days isn’t going to do it.

Dark Horse Linux

I got a new website up for Dark Horse Linux and there are a few issues to work out, but, there always will be. It needs a documentation generation system that’s themable and web-friendly, but also supports many formats.

For the immediate next cycle:

  • I’ve decided to tackle the ISO size issue
  • I will be putting RPM onto it, to open the door to all the cool things I’ve got planned.
  • Along the way will be a new pass at the Pyrois project to clean up all the code along the way to make some of those commands a little safer to the build system, clean up dependencies, etc.
  • This will involve either a tag and branch of Pyrois or a kind of snapshot fork to represent a generic distribution generator that is very close to LFS.

This will position that project nicely to start approaching both a package and patching ecosystem, as well as give users something they can builld on top of a little more easily for those spin-off possibilities.

Then, it’s installer, installer, installer and documentation, documentation, documentation.

Everything Else

I’m not taking on any new projects. In fact I might be trimming down the project list to focus more on DHLP, though, I really do want to sink my teeth into SMQ/S.

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