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The Chains of Conviction

Life is not complex, but, we are.

It’s still super busy. I barely have time for anything these days.

I’m working on some exciting things that I think have a great deal of potential. Too much potential to delay progress.

As much as I love to talk shop, it’s interesting how the most important thing I have ever built I can’t even talk about publicly, even after it is finished, but, I can say that I should’ve built it years ago, and that it stands to be immensely profitable — to myself, and, by proxy, to the world.

It’s eaten up months of my personal project time and it’s the most technically challenging thing I’ve ever worked on. The prototype is already profitable but the new version is expected to be on a whole different scale.

Along the way, my dayjob is going great. I got a decent bump in pay, and a shift to a more senior role.

I much liken this period to pounding away on an anvil, hephaestus-inspired, with a wish in every strike to shape a future.

Like a storm cloud in the distance on an otherwise sunny day, I am currently also conflicted by the necessities of a quiet background conflict in my life, which, I largely ignore but am forced to acknowledge in the long term not only by my personal convictions, but, by developments over the last year or so. I have quietly endured the attacks in that conflict for a long, long time and have always been careful to act and live upright in every moment that I have ever faced it. This allows me to truthfully say who I am without compromise or meaningful challenge to what that represents.

However, those who work in the dark against their fellow man ought be held accountable, and, sometimes operate from a place that light cannot reach.

I am certainly no priest, not by a mile: I’ve lived a life of extraordinary capability, but I’ve proven I am fallible and able to be blinded. Still, I don’t choose what I know is wrong. On the other side of that coin, I’ve been someone who has kept their darker aspects tied down by the chains of my convictions, so that I can remain the man I have made so many sacrifices to be internally. I do not like the idea of who I could become, or what the impact on the world around me would be, if the dark nature intrinsic to every human heart, which I also possess, were to become even a little accustomed to a lifting of that burden within me– even if it were for the sake of justice.

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