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The Stranger

Within a hundred trillion years from now, star formation in the universe will end and every remaining star in existence will go cold.

After that, there will be 10^106 years of the universe consisting entirely of black holes and nothingness: Void and destruction.

Proportionally that’s like the universe starting with a single second of stars and then a billion billion billion billion billion billion billion years of just black holes and void.

The time from the formation of the Earth, to the Earth’s destruction as our sun enters its red giant phase of its existence about 7.5 billion years later would just be a flicker during that second. An instance. If you blinked you’d miss it; if you didn’t blink you might still not see it because it was so brief. That one second period of light in the cosmos could fit our beginning and our end in it many thousands of times.

If you were to view the universe as a designed system, would you attribute to its purpose the side effect of its brief explosion at the beginning of its initiation?

This would be like attributing to the function of your vehicle the light created from the spark in its starter during ignition.

The proper characterization of the the universe is, with an amazingly brief exception in time, a dark expanse filled with nothing but black holes in it.

“Nothing”, the space between these black holes, is hard for beings like us to even conceptualize because we live surrounded by “something” and are never exposed to “true nothingness”.

We look at an empty box and think “nothing”, but it has air, dust, energy, and things of the micro we’re still studying.

We look into space and see the dark expanse and think “nothing” because it lacks most of those things, but even the fabric of reality is there, even if only at the quantum perspective. Empty space is a vacuum but it’s not “nothing”. That comes later as these reality-bending horrors rip the space between themselves apart for consumption.

We can’t even visualize what most of our universe is for most of its existence. It’s not just a vacuum or the absence of material at this state– it’s “nothingness”.

We’re in a machine we can’t understand. We don’t have the context. Our entire existence is in that brief side effect of the ignition. So, let’s not ever talk about “purpose” outside of the subjective meaning that we ourselves attribute to the things in our fleeting lives.

Our economy is failing.

It hasn’t impacted me much yet, but I’m seeing the signs everywhere. We’re about to see tectonic shifts in the workforces of almost every major industry in almost every major country.

I’m predicting huge waves of unemployment and financial collapse that will especially hit middle class families.

The crypto markets have failed.

The technology sector has been stalled for 2 years and is surviving almost entirely off momentum at this point.

Companies will start going under everywhere. Big ones you didn’t see coming. We may even see some issues with our food supply chains.

And then we’ll see a cultural response to shutting everything down this long. The PR benefit to these companies only lasted about the first 6 months.

I’m moving. Again.

I’ll be trying to relocate to Columbus to get ready for the storm I see coming. I’m better networked there, it is a technology hub infused with wealth, without the mismanagement that characterizes silicon valley and makes it unlivable, and the climate is tolerable enough to me. Hopefully the move will be wrapped up by March.

The general strategy is to maximize opportunities for contracts, getting fit physically and working as many contracts at the same time as possible to maximize income so that if there’s a collapse I’ll have resources to get a secure situation created.

I sound like a prepper.

Project SURRO

I’ve had a breakthrough. I can’t talk about it yet.

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