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The Sweet Still Air Before a Storm

I love the smell of the air before a big storm, when everything gets still and quiet, and you can almost smell the electricity in the air.

I think alot of people do.

That probably doesn’t mean we’re creatures of chaos. I don’t think it’s so enjoyable because we anticipate the storm; in fact, I think we’d all be just fine if it stayed like that year round. But it never does. And then we’re fighting the storm and longing for the suspended breath of nature once again.

What makes us creatures of chaos is that if we were not fighting the storm we’d be fighting each other, and, we do between the storms. The nature outside is our enemy, and when it’s not, the nature inside is, and when that’s not, the nature of each other is.

All creatures hide from the storms except us. We wage war with those storms and build up resilience to them, and organize against them just as we do against each other. This is a human trait. This is the human trait.

It’s been a little quiet lately. I hope it’s just a lull and not a quiet before a storm. It usually isn’t.

I’ve been preoccupied with work and family things. As boring as that is, I’m relieved.

The cross-compilation process I’ve been using for Foster-D, while working, won’t be feasible for generating a distribution that targets multiple platforms. Only x86_64. I’ll need to revisit it at some point.

I don’t feel like making decisions. I might enjoy a brief period of analysing the projects I’ve been working on after some private life reorganization to get ready for the next cycle of effort.

I don’t like how loose in planning I’ve been lately nor do I like how soft I’ve let my routines get while dealing with an extended bout of insomnia.

On that note, I suppose there is a storm coming.

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