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Sometimes Just Surviving is Okay

A little over a month ago I got really sick. I mean really sick.

At first I thought it was just a headcold so I popped some Vit-C, took a couple days off and just rode it out.

But then I continued to get sicker. And sicker. And sicker.

And the days went on as I got sicker. Then it became weeks. And it became sicker.

I wasn’t getting better and I was starting to get worried about my jobs.

So whatever it was was viral I thought, but something was setting me off and making it worse. Something with the air. I tried staying in different rooms. Staying out of the main office helped but I was still getting sicker, just not as fast.

I bought a really expensive air purifier to blast on full right next to my head. It helped, but I was still getting sicker. I checked the HVAC filter on a hunch, and sure enough, jet black and slimy, full of mold of the eldritch horror variety.

I ripped it out and replaced it, and then thought that would help.

I continued to get sicker. So I turned off the HVAC. That helped. But then the heat was an issue because it was the dead of winter. I considered buying space heaters but saw the path I was on: If I continued to invest in this without intervention I’d exhaust all my other options.

So, I evacuated. Grabbed the dog, and hobbled feverishly to the kennel place and dropped him off for a week and checked into a hotel where I coughed until I puked all day for another week and then stayed at a friend’s house when I still wasn’t getting any better. By that point I’d gotten to a doctor who’d given steroids and antibiotics, which helped a great deal and I recovered.

I have never been sicker.

After a while a I got better, and went back to the place, blasted the HVAC system to clear it out with the new filter for a couple days and things normalized. Went and picked up the dog, today, and the house is back to normal.

So, it wasn’t COVID-19. I was tested several times by the doctor. It was viral, though. I’ve noticed this is becoming a thing. I’m seeing alot of people getting sick with viruses that aren’t COVID-19 since the pandemic started, likely due to our immune systems not being as rugged due to all the isolation.

The new normal sucks and it almost killed me.

At this point I’ve got the virus beat but I’m still pretty lethargic, coughing a bit while my lungs clear out, but it’s nothing too serious.

I guess it’s time to just chill for a few weeks.

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