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Breathing Again

Whew, seems like it’s been a while.

I did not die.

In fact, I recovered. Well, from the lung thing. My right arm is still a little off from that elbow fracture a couple years ago.

Getting old sucks, especially if you were young for a long time 🙂

So, what happened since my last post….? Oh, I lost 40-50 pounds in 2 months while I was sick. It was not deliberate. I opted not to keep the weight off after recovery since nobody can account for the dramatic weight loss.

Quite a bit of bruising on my abdomen still. Not sure what’s up yet. Doc says it is COPD and wants to talk about smoking cessation.

I missed the deadline for finding a new place so I’m still in Cincinnati for another year. March of 2023. It’s occurred to me since then that I am not sure if I want to move back to Columbus. I deeply enjoy my social network up there but the housing scene there is horrendous unless you own, and buying a house is a huge, time-consuming thing. At least for me. I’m picky.

COVID isolation became a new way of life. I’m slowly gearing out of that mode.

I’m still in vacation mode in terms of projects. I’m taking a break until I find my inspiration again.

It may be that I switch to a mode where I only do things in spurts here or there as I feel like it, so I can be a little more balanced with time than I have in years past.

I’ve been cutting down on work as well, like not working super late every night making everything perfect. This has actually made me more productive, so, I may be onto something.

No big plans at the moment. I’m enjoying that.

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