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Frank Gingras is a Former Stalker of Mine

Hi. I just was made aware that Frank Gingras (thumbs) has been repeating an old hobby of defaming me. I am able to prove that he is lying and has actually projected his own actions towards me onto myself; I will be posting a public statement addressing it. Frank has done this too many times and it needs to be public knowledge.

For clarification on the log I read, to avoid confusion, I am both bagira and phanes.

The featured image should explain what was going on there. I’ve also put it below[3] along with a list of my former stalkers[4] that they compiled themselves. I’m happy to answer questions and update this page with new information as questions are asked about the history there, which is long.

The context is that after some devastating life circumstances, some career rivals in the open source space, gravitating around the core slackware development group — notably their IRC group, decided to respond to a dispute I had with that group originating from me trying to create a non-official support medium that rivaled theirs and provided a more open culture, which subjected me to years of abuse to try to bully me into shutting down. During their collective campaign, they incorporated both real and fabricated events from my personal and family life, cherry picked from what was made public at the time.

The full list of people involved in the stalking of me, my loved ones, both online and offline is in the ban list of #surro-linux. Frank was only one of them but was involved in most of the offline stalking in a campaign of sustained abuse, which went on for about 7 years between 2009 and 2016. Leadership at the Apache project was made aware of his behaviour by me at a convention. I am reserving my right to add the names of the others at my time of choosing.

They wrote defaming letters to employers and potential employers. They defamed me to peers with lies much like the ones I am responding to. At the time I did not have the resources to litigate. There was no retaliation that involved any breach of integrity on my part. They were in the social network of the ex-Staff[1], and I tried many times to get it addressed[2] by Freenode’s ex-staff.

My intent was to move on from it but I have been made aware that <thumbs> is defaming me in various mediums again currently over the controversy involved with the Freenode change of staff, as I am currently on the new staff after the old staff left. I am considering my options on how to best address his behaviour.

Thank you.

  3. Taken 2021-05-27

4. Taken 2021-05-28


Upon being made aware of this blog post, Frank Gingras joined the channel where stalking of me by this group was coordinated, used chanserv to get operator status, and booted me from the channel to prevent collection of more artifacts proving his involvement:

5. Taken 2021-05-28

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