The original words of Phanes, tirelessly carved into a slab of "No'".

But first, a word on fonts.

Ok, not really a word.  More like a link.

I was looking for OSX font rendering because the fonts in vanilla X suck.  Really should be the first thing I look at for ricing my i3 Desktop.

Then j4 tools.  The default j4tools in Fedora just give you these tiny blue boxes for everything.  Looks like shit.

I probably shouldn’t be posting because I came down with this massive migraine that wasn’t even leveled after a big 1200 mg dose of aspirin and was photosensitive.  So I downed half a bottle of southern comfort.  Headache’s gone.  Perfect time to go changing stuff on my desktop.


Note to self:  At some point I’ll have to stop trying to convince myself that I don’t want to migrate to Arch Linux.

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