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i3-wm Ricing

So, first, i3.

i3 is an awesome window manager that I’ve used for years now, but I always get jealous whenever I see one of those beautiful riced up setups, like on deviantart because I never have time to do what I want with my desktop and I won’t even start a DE project unless I can finish it.

Then the girl I’ve been seeing recently sees it and gives me shit  about not having my desktop optimized.

She’s right.  I’ve been using almost the default i3 settings for 2 years.  I just haven’t had time.

Well, I do now.


i3 reference

j4tools reference


j4tools is a set of very well done tools that snap into i3.  should go nicely with my newly riced out vim setup which I’ll document a little better later.

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