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Alas, there are far fewer reasons to develop IRCThulu as of today due to a series of wonderful developments: A collection of the most toxic abusers and abuser enablers in the F/OSS community have resigned their positions on Freenode, thus reducing the reach of their misuse of authority and curbing the implementation of their toxic gatekeeper mentalities across the open source world. The problem with OFTC and Freenode is that they let toxic shits get to positions of authority in their organizations, and then those people proceeded to do what toxic shits do for decades when they were given an ounce of control over other people.

I’ll never forget when these people were literally ignoring a stalker using crowd lynching techniques to harass and threaten my family and I on their network, spread lies about me, impersonate me, and then rally up others to do the same. Instead, they victim-blamed, and even participated in some instances until this project surfaced seeking a scorched earth scenario.

Well this is that scenario.

I’m glad they’re gone. I hope they never are given positions of authority in any community again, and if you’re reading this, I sincerely hope you take measures to prevent them from seeking such positions.

Their names are:

  • Fuchs, who was aware of the situation and chose to punish and ostracize the stalking victims of his friends over the right thing. His name is Christian. More identifying details will follow.
  • Jess, who is a toxic enabler of abuse on the network.
  • EdK who has been famous for his misuse of authority in the community for decades.

It’s all just so wonderful to see them leave with nowhere to go to of any substance.

Here are some blogs, and I can assure you the timing was incidental (wink, wink):

Anyway, there are still problems at Freenode. See, Tom Wesley, a covert narcissist at the OFTC has been plotting and undermining both of these organizations to further his interests with this growing takeover being orchestrated from the bowels of the Debian Community for years, and has his claws sunk into Freenode and OFTC to these peoples’ detriment (even though they inadvertently helped him do it). Shortly before all of this was the Stallman smear campaign, which I can’t comment too much on but was active in helping shut down, and was whisked off of both networks to keep me from creating consequences for the currently unethical behaviour being coordinated against Stallman from those same people in the Debian community and to definitely keep me from telling my own personal story about these people while they were begging to retain control of the very network they used to abuse people for decades.

I just want to say it again: The open source community was improved by these people leaving. Don’t let them come back.

So, I’m not sure where things go from here. If Tom Wesley is thrown out, which is actually pretty likely within a couple of years once the new crew comes in, there simply will be no reason for IRCThulu: The Freenode network would have provided justice.

Time to sit back and watch how this unfolds, and make decisions as things go.

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