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Reinstall, and a bunch of shit I forgot to back up.

You know, for a guy who spends so much time lecturing others on the dangers and importance of proper backups and provisioning, when it comes to my home setup I so often fall short of my own standards.

I was in a pinch.  I needed fast turnaround.  You know all the excuses.

There’s no excuse.

So, I’ve got etckeeper in place on the new system, I’ve got my storage moved around to be usable, and now it’s time to restore my data at least.  I’m just damned stupid for not having a provision or deployment system in place to make this like an hour long adventure that leaves me with a pristine system with everything I want on it.

So, the next few articles will be documentation of what I did on my new Fedora 23 system and I have made a promise to myself to use virtualization to test and build out a provisioning service at the house.

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