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New Linux Distribution

So, 2016 was a year of intense and actually rather quiet planning.

Many projects are getting replaced with much better, more productive projects.

For starters, there is “Ivory Tower”, which is a GTK-driven task management system.  It’s on github.

The second notable project is “SURRO Linux” which will be owned by SILO GROUP.

I am putting the MQ system and conditional response daemon on hold until 2018 in hopes of a first release of these two projects by Q4.

Thee SURRO Linux project will be the most intense of the two.  I’ll start with an LFS build, then a BLFS build, and then use that experience as a quickening to be able to do an entirely new Linux Distribution without a parent.

Exciting, right?  I know you’ve just been hanging on the edge of your seats to see what Phanes will say no to next.

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