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A New Life


Installed Ubuntu for my fglrx issue.  Ditched Fedora finally and the issue resolved immediately.  Too bad though I really wanted to switch to Arch, but we’re using Ubuntu at the new job and I need to keep sharp chops.  That may seem counterintuitive but a very productive practice (ritual) I engage in is cloning what is reasonable of my work environment at home so that I can increase familiarity with the stack.  Maybe I’ll get another box or a VM cluster going for arch.

In other news, Firefox still sucks.

I’m considering hiring a part time person to build my personal and entrepreneurial projects out instead of doing everything myself.  I couldn’t join a group for my primary efforts because that’s just not me but I could certainly supplement.  Maybe I’ll try that first.

I’m putting all my old projects on hold until I get settled.  I’ve got alot to do now.

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