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Security Architecting

Uber excited.  Ended up taking a new job as a “Junior Security Architect”.   I think the actual title is something else on the client end, but that’s the offer from the consulting firm. Good timing as I am wrapping up my CEH and OCSP studies currently and looking to have some time to build my IRC log aggregator and relay networks, and rotating proxies.   I have not quite worked out how I’ll do the client identity generator yet but I’ve got alot of time coming my way soon to research.

I am dog-sitting this week.  Once a day I am to drive out and do my part in the ‘booping’ of ‘snoops’.  One is a giant black lab that looks like a moose if you squint your eyes and the other is a super affectionate pit-lab mix.  There are also two cats.  I’m not a cat person.

Gearing up for court in a couple weeks.

Things are good.

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