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How I learned to stop winning the battle and losing the war.

Busy, busy, busy!

I haven’t posted in a while, but not for lack of effort to make the time.

I’m expecting to have an IDM/A prototype completed by the end of the year at this pace. I eventually got fed up from not having free time and just cut into my sleep to knock some features out. I actually don’t recommend anyone do that and try to avoid it myself because the quality of the work tends to pop out as sub-par when you next get to look at it with fresh eyes, but, I just need some trailblazing done at this point.

One of my current struggles is with a product called RHCS (RedHat Certificate System), which I also don’t recommend anyone try.

I’m considering re-theming this site and moving stuff around when I can give it proper attention. I don’t feel like it’s as visible as it could be (I mostly just complain on here anyway), and I think the layout may be a little outdated.

I may also be trimming out some of the projects I intend to build from the portfolio list to make room for new developments forming, depending on what the long game looks like.

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