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I appreciate that people were drawn to my blog looking into recent events regarding Freenode. It’s relevant, but, probably not the way you might have been led to believe.

I don’t appreciate the false light that was cast, but that’s not a me thing. That’s a rando on the internet trying to spread hyperbole thing because he’s butthurt that his friends got kicked off Freenode for being generally bad people for decades. They lie about people. Sorry, not sorry. I can assure you they had it coming. I suspect he’s probably one of them given that his sole purpose with that account is to attack people through their reputations. That’s how these folks operate. That’s how they’ve always operated, and they’ve done it to too many people now for it to carry much weight. They will brandish their open letters, and they will gnash their terrible teeth, and they will spew hate and stir unrest, and it will get meaner, and more vicious the more desperate they get — but they’re going to destroy themselves with their own reaction. People in positions of security and comfort don’t lash out. That’s a feedback cycle.

I think probably the two hardest things in life are (1) leaving when you don’t want to leave, and (2) staying when you don’t want to stay.

Stay tuned. The fun has just gotten started.


I’m developing a new linux operating system called SURRO Linux.

If you’d like to participate please email me at — I could use all the hands, minds, and sponsors that I can get.

If you just want to learn more about it, chat, or even make recommendations on how things are done — don’t hesitate to stop by #surro-linux on FreeNode — the world’s official F/OSS hub.

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