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Aimless, but Stronger than Ever

It has certainly been a hellishly busy couple of months, between audits for some of my federal gigs, and various life circumstances.

It’s pretty likely that I will need surgery. The doctors say it is cubital tunnel syndrome, causing ulnar nerve entrapment/compression in my elbow. They think it’s anatomical. This causes my pinky and ring finger to be numb in my dominant hand, but, I wish I could say it was the biggest problem it causes — it isn’t. The big problem it causes is weakness.

The doctor noticed some slight muscle wasting in my affected hand, so they wanted to do some testing. When they tested my grip, it measured about 2/3 the strength of my right hand. It’s still in the range of normalcy for my demographic, but I won’t be playing guitar, writing any letters, or lifting any cars with that hand unless I get some surgery.

So, Monday I meet with the doctor who will be performing the surgery. I’m not excited about it.

Dayjob is hellishly busy. We’re understaffed. I’m trying to keep the place running but there’s more to do that falls in my area than the available staff can do, and we need to hire more people. And, it’s audit season.

I’ve barely had time to do normal human stuff. When it rains, it pours, but, it has to eventually stop raining. I think. Still, I seem to be juggling everything pretty well.

Some time I’m considering hiring either a personal assistant or a new housekeeper, but I don’t know what that would look like. There’s alot to consider there on both fronts, but they’d both be tremendously useful the way things are going, particularly since I need to free up time for some of the stuff I want to do with Dark Horse Linux later in 2024. Time is really the critical asset these days.

Survival is easy. Thriving is easy. Direction is the hard part. The burden of potential is that when you can do almost anything it can be hard to not do nothing.

In terms of direction, or the future, I don’t really know what’s next. Maybe I should take a vacation in February to somewhere warm and sort out what I want to do next after I get through the big time crunch that is defining 2023. I could use some more sun time, but I don’t like making big decisions on vacations because it puts me out of work mode where I think the best. Malta sounds nice.

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